Stories Coming Soon

It’s time to rededicate myself to writing. I’ve identified as a writer since I was just a kid with one of those diaries that pretends to lock. I even went far enough to get an MFA in poetry. But, over the last 6 years (and I’m embarrassed to admit it’s been that long) I’ve slowly fallen further and further away from my writer identity and gotten a bit lost — in work mostly, but also relationships, daily routines, and like any good American, watching too much TV.

I think more than ever, in these days of change and unease, it’s important to tell our stories and document our moment in time. Especially for women, it’s important that we not allow ourselves to be silenced. And then there’s the never-ending quest for happiness: I know I can’t feel fulfilled when I’m not writing. So, I’m making a change. For the next month (1/16–2/15) I’m committed to writing every day, and writing for work doesn’t count. It can be as small as a few lines of poetry, but I need to start somewhere by making a place for writing in my daily life.

I’ll share my stories on Medium every Tuesday, starting February 6. I’ll kick off every month with an update on my journey to redefine myself as a writer, share thoughts on the arts, culture, and social issues that shape the world around us, and sprinkle in a little escapism every third Tuesday with tales of my recent travels. I hope you’ll join me.

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